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Choosing The Right Gazebo

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Which Gazebo Is Right For You?

There are many questions people have about choosing the right gazebo. Some of the choices include getting a vinyl or wooden gazebo, the shape and size, cost and more.

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Why a Gazebo is a Good Investment

Gazebos can be used for weddings, celebrations, entertaining guests, dining and much, much more. A dry, shaded area with plenty of fresh air is enjoyable even when it’s raining. A fixed gazebo can also increase the value of your property. This may be a good reason for getting a sturdy and stationary type of gazebo.

Where to Put a Gazebo

Consider where you will put your new gazebo. It needs to be on a flat surface which can include a concrete pad, existing deck or patio, paving stones or wooden deck. Also consider  in which part of your yard it would look and function well.

Gazebo Size

Depending on the size of your gazebo, you may need to get a building permit. You will have to check your local zoning regulations for more information.

Add Accessories to Your Gazebo

There are several different accessories available for gazebos. This includes screen kits, mosquito netting, privacy curtains, shade kits, anchors, floor kits, replacement slats, cupolas, flower boxes, benches, tables, and winter covers.

Value of a Gazebo

Whether you decide to go with an expensive permanent gazebo or an inexpensive portable gazebo, the real value is the enjoyment you get from being outdoors.

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